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Call Center Representative or Professional Voice?

professional on phone,, recordings for voicemail, business music service, audio marketingConsumers are keen on detail; they can sense an amateur work within the first few seconds of seeing or hearing it. Your business or call center cannot afford to have its services reflected poorly by slipshod advertising or presentations. And just like your organization invests in professional television, radio, and newspaper ads, message on hold outreach should not be forgotten. 

Let’s face it, with all the broadcast "clutter" out there, your ads may or may not be seen or heard by your intended audience. But they will more than likely hear your Message on hold and auto attendant greetings and menus every time they call your business.  Why make that impression anything less than professional?

When business and call centers think of the on hold space, they see it as a “place-holder” – but waiting on hold is so much more than a waiting room; it is a means of customer service outreach, an investment. Instead of utilizing professional voices, script writers, and marketing analysts to plan an on-hold marketing strategy, some organizations prefer in-house call center representatives or client relations to record/write a message on hold programs. 

Let’s say you business is located on a busy highway.  Would you ask your receptionist to climb a ladder and paint a sign for your building, because they have nice handwriting?  Seems absurd right?  But that’s exactly what you are doing if you have them record your announcements. And how many of those "in-house" voices are on your system?  Take the Voice Grader challenge... call your business or call center and hear what your “voice” sounds like to your callers.  If you have more than one voice, it’s time to rethink your strategy.


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