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The Message on Hold Secret that I.T. is Keeping from Marketing

Marketing, IT department, message on hold, secret of audio marketing*NOTE: The Following is Confidential – do not reveal to your IT and marketing teams unless you want increased visibility and customer engagement*

When IT departments are tasked with acquiring a Message On Hold program or IVR system for their telephone lines, they treat the process from a strictly basic needs/equipment-based perspective. They want a reliable digital announcer that will deliver Message On Hold with easy installation – and that’s that. Their pain is to find a solution to have “something” on hold. "Check!" Silence on hold is taken care of and they don't go any further, they move on to the next item on their list.  

What these IT folks don’t realize is that the potential of the on hold space is left untapped.  On the other side of the office, the Marcom team is tasked with getting the word out to the customer. Once marketing is made aware of the Message On Hold solution that's been hiding in the recesses of their office or switch room, Holdcom usually receives calls of “I can’t believe we never knew that we had a system in place!”

Revealing the IT secret of Message on Hold

One of the secrets behind successful Message On Hold services is having an open dialogue between IT departments and Marketing. If both departments communicate, they can contribute their strengths to developing a smooth audio customer experience. The digital announcer becomes more than just a black box, playing a generic program; Marketing transforms the digital announcer into a customer engagement tool that broadcasts timely updates or cross-over promotions. Often Marketing will absorb message on hold into their budget, freeing IT of any other involvement or ongoing support.

Holdcom and Cross-Communication

One of Holdcom’s long term goals is encouraging internal communication. We are a B2B communications expert, but we also concentrate on improving the functionality of your business. IVR not only helps your customers; it organizes an internal business structure.

Are you communicating with your IT department, or have they kept you "on hold"?  

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