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Digital Communications [VIDEO]

I was browsing zdnet and found a timely article about inventor Steven Sasson, developer of the digital camera for Kodak, which included a video where he “discusses culture and communication as requirements for innovation.”

Holdcom has undergone sweeping cultural shifts – we have been hosting frequent content meetings, jumpstarted a video department where we release monthly feature client videos, and have been integrating live representatives with online chat and social media. Though we are transforming our customer service experience, we make sure that it reflects the needs and expectations of our clients.

I feel that our efforts best reflect Sasson’s thoughts from the interview, that “the key when you are putting across an idea [is that] you have to understand the culture you are dealing with…put the essential elements of your idea out there so that it doesn’t get confused with things that might complicate your concept.”

Holdcom has always stayed true to its roots: providing professional quality message on hold and voice prompts, and delivering them in a timely fashion. However, we are “aware that [our] invention is in an environment where the rest of the world is inventing along with [us]” and have branched out to virtual tours, cell phone greetings, and more.

Have you “reinvented” your business culture? Share your experiences in the comments below! To check out how Holdcom got started, and where we are now, check here.

Inventor Portrait: Steven Sasson from David Friedman on Vimeo.

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