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Monday Through Friday: How Much Time Do You Spend on Hold?

Friday, Rebecca Black, message on hold, online audio branding Holdcom started off the week with our Monday morning meeting, where President and co-founder Neil Fishman presented an inspirational video, Be Infectious, by brand marketing firm The Integer Group. Exceptionally edited and well produced, this video spurred discussion about the viral nature of online content – what makes a marketing video “stick” with an audience?

As pointed out by Harvey Edelman, Holdcom’s Chief Executive Officer and co-founder, Be Infectious only had 1,881 views – whereas other viral videos, such as Rebecca Black’s (in)famous Friday, have millions of views (in Black’s case, 119,295,017 views and counting).

Let’s do a small experiment. Every day, around 27 years of video content is uploaded to Youtube. How much time has the online community (albeit a certain demographic) spent watching Rebecca Black’s Friday, a video 3:48 seconds in length?

After some number crunching (thanks, wolframalpha), the result is: as a collective social media society, we have spent 862 and a half years learning about Rebecca Black’s average weekend. To put this number in perspective, that is 314,806.3 days, or 7,555,351.08 hours, or 453,321,064 minutes, or 27,199,263,876 seconds.

As a B2B company populating the online space, how are we – or anyone – supposed to compete with the supposed random nature of viral hits? Simple: at the end of the day, most consumers are looking for top content. Despite the hundreds of millions of views, the general consensus is that Rebecca Black is so bad she’s good – not a very long-term successful business model, if you ask me.

The average American can spend anywhere from 1 to 10 minutes waiting on hold. According to Kimberly Parrotino, Assistant Manager of Consumer Affairs from Dannon Company, their call center received 116,000 calls over a 24 hour period. The time spent on hold is way more than Rebecca Black’s views.

So why leave this space empty? Your company has the potential to place YEARS of marketing content on the "on hold space." Your business can provide customer outreach from the original business communications tool - the telephone - important announcements, fun facts, catchy music, and of course, the chance to let everyone know when it’s Friday.

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