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Marketing On Hold Services via Mobile Medium

going mobile, mobile audio marketing, mobile online marketing, B2B mobile marketingGoing mobile is more important than ever for B2B marketers. According to Christina “CK” Kerley, marketing blogger for MarketingProfs, “there are 5 billion mobile subscriptions worldwide, with 72% of the US workforce already mobile and 64% of decision-makers reading their email via mobile devices…more than just an exciting new medium, mobile is driving an entirely ‘new normal’ by revolutionizing the way we communicate, connect, work, and live.”

One way that businesses are responding to this platform shift is by making already familiar services compatible with mobile. Holdcom uses Echosign contracts, which enable customers to sign agreements anywhere with an internet connection, and is especially useful on mobile devices. There is less procrastination, less “I don’t have the information on me, I’ll do this later.” By bringing the contract to the customer, and placing it on a platform that has their stored information (some individuals dub smartphones ‘electronic wallets’), doing business becomes more efficient.

Here are some good examples of B2B mobile programs, attributed to the aforementioned article:

  • USA Today partnered with location-based check-in service Gowalla to deliver its region-specific travel content to business travelers at the exact time that they need it most, such as when they land at the nation's busiest airports.
  • To stand out from competitors at its industry's leading tradeshow, interactive health education company ClearPoint combined high-buzz content (healthcare reform) with high-interest mobile platforms (iPads) to engage event attendees with interactive quizzes that fostered two-way conversations vs. one-way pitches (like the tradeshow's other exhibitors).
  • JPMorgan Chase Bank has made banking better, faster, and easier with a transformative app that lets business customers deposit checks from anywhere via "point-shoot-click" quick-photo bank deposits.
  • And cloud-based software provider Brainshark has developed a mobile app that enables professionals across Sales, Marketing, and HR to easily search, browse, view, and share media-rich content.

Do you think that “going mobile” is a pressing need for your business?

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