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Message On Hold is Your First Impression

Today Customer Service battles are being fought virtually instead of face to face. From social media sites to consumer affairs call centers, presenting the right image can mean the difference between winning or losing a customer. As the playing field has shifted from complaint departments to the ever-expanding ether of the internet, control of your image has also shifted. According to a survey conducted by Chief Executive Magazine, 96% of chief executives rank their reputation as "very important" to achieving business goals. Kim Harrison commented, "The common term 'reputation' management is misleading because you can't directly manage your own reputation; you can only act to strengthen your standing in the areas that

Your upfront announcements and on hold message is one of the first impressions callers will have of your business. It’s also one of the areas you have direct control over and can quickly and inexpensively update to keep pace with in real time as consumer behavior shifts and changes.  Professionally produced Messages On Hold can help you build the image of a consistent, reliable brand, giving you a positive first impression. By providing customers with an informative Message On Hold, callers will feel relieved and assured that their call hasn't been disconnected, and will listen to the messages provided by your business while they wait for a representative. Some things are inevitable, case and point, waiting on hold. Why not use that time to optimize your business marketing initiatives? Tell your callers about your latest product, announce any time-sensitive information, provide them with your Twitter handle, and/or Facebook page, or let them know of any upcoming company events or trade shows.MOH-First-Impression

As businesses continue to search for and implement new strategies to efficiently and cost effectively auto mate callers, it’s essential organizations present the best caller experience possible to reinforce customer service and protect the brand image. From evaluating caller behavior to implementing professional recordings, the investment in time and resources to make your call flow productive will pay off big dividends. According to consumer reports, 67% of callers hang up before having their concerns addressed. That means the majority of callers get to the point where they literally and physically disconnect from your company leaving both parties at a loss-- the caller didn't get the information they wanted, and the business loses the customer. Don't let hold time negatively affect your company and put your reputation in jeopardy, especially when there is an easy way to prevent it. Turn it into a positive!

Consumer Reports show that 15-20% of callers that hear a Message On Hold will do "something positive" the way customers perceive a company is the truth.How will your callers feel if, because you lack on hold messages, they think they've been disconnected by your IVR system? Your callers will feel forgotten, annoyed, and frustrated. Having a Message On Hold that keeps callers engaged can show them that you, as a company, care about and are dedicated to customer service.

Consider how your competitors are handling their callers? Customers may become disenchanted with your brand if they feel your competitor has a more efficient call processing system, IVR, or Message On Hold. In fact, businesses that utilize Message On Hold saw an up to 12% increase in service requests.  Poor call processing experiences will directly impact how your callers rate your customer service.

Hold time plays a crucial role in customer service and reputation. Evaluate your call flow and put yourself in the customer's shoes, or have a professional do it for you. Automated call processing should enhance your customer service not detract from it. Remember: Use greetings and hold time as a way to communicate, inform, and market - all sure fire ways in generating a positive reputation.

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