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Audio Solutions to Make Your Small Business Look and 'Sound' Bigger

Small businesses have the potential of getting lost amid competition from large-scale, high revenue businesses. These types of businesses are always faced with the question, "How do I make my business seem larger and distinguish itself among competitors?" Both professionalism and strategic marketing are leading factors in accomplishing this goal. Incorporating audio solutions like Messages On Hold, Professional Voicemail Messages, and produce positive impact and results, leading to a better reputation, more buzz, and expansion of client and customer base.

As a smaller company you must pay close attention to how your company presents itself to new and potential customers. First impressions are critical to small businesses,  and can even make or break you in a customer's eyes. The chance of your business's hold message being a customer's first impression is very likely. Professionally produced Messages On Hold add the image of a reliable, sophisticated, and informative brand enhancing the customer's first impression. A hold message with informative and concise audio content will increase customer satisfaction and decrease the chances of hang-ups, and unhappy customers. Hold time is the perfect opportunity to announce time-sensitive information, introduce new products, and provide alternate forms of communication like your Twitter handle or Facebook Fan Page.Make-Small-Business-Appear-Larger

Small businesses are subject to long caller hold time due to small staff, and lack of peak time customer service representatives. With a small staff comes smaller departments, which undoubtedly produces longer on hold time. Make your company look larger by implementing professionally produced Messages On Hold and Voicemail Greetings.  Did you know that 67% of callers hang up before having their concerns addressed? That means the majority of callers literally and physically disconnect from your company leaving both parties at a loss. For business of small size especially, this is something that needs to avoided at all costs in order to generate more business.

If you are running a small business, chances are you are working out of a single location with a modest sized staff.  But what if you're a startup or sole proprietorship and either work from home, or rent a single office space? Your voicemail message can be a big indicator of how professional you are perceived by callers and customers. Make sure you separate personal from business, in that you have a separate line strictly for business calls. You don’t want your customers or clients hearing background noise, personal voicemail greeting, or an unprofessional casual message. You need to provide a professional image so that callers will think highly of your business.  Using a professional voice recording for your voicemail will do just that.

It’s no question that, if you have the right web designing skills, your website can make a one-person operation look like an enterprise. A professional, well-designed, well-managed website can make the smallest businesses look established and larger. If you decide to take your website to the next level, be sure to incorporate audio. Audio has been proven to make your website more "sticky" increasing the time visitors send on your site. By adding rich media to your website visitors will not only see what your company offers, but lets them hear it as well. The combination of audio and visual will increase website traffic and provide customers with a lasting impression.

Your Message On Hold works just like website audio. On hold messages allow your business to reach customers and market to the right demographic, because callers on hold are interested, motivated, and already reaching out to you. Why not utilize their time on hold to captivate them? Communicate the latest news, information, and promotions going on at your company. In order to sound professional, choosing the right "voice" is key. A professional, voice talent recorded message that delivers a clear, concise, and customized message will impress and market to your callers.

By giving notice and attention to your phone system using it to its potential, your business will grow a positive image and reputation. By stepping up your audio marketing initiatives with on hold messages, Voicemail Greeting, and Website Audio, you are giving your captive audience the information you want them to know which only benefits your company. By giving your audio messages a real, human voice, you will enhance your professionalism, credibility, and help your small business grow!

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