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Message on Hold Ideas for Healthcare Facilities

MMessages On Hold for Healthcareessages On Hold can be an afterthought in a healthcare facility, but on hold programming is actually a leading way to reach out to customers. It's important to keep Message On Hold content fresh and timely, as callers want to be informed about what's happening in your hospital right now. Creating exciting, novel content for on hold marketing in a healthcare facility can get a little tricky. Here are three new ways to take your Message On Hold content to the next level:

  1. Give your callers an invitation. If you're hosting special events, fundraisers, or competitions that you want your callers involved in, you're probably already publishing this information through your website, social media accounts, or printed materials. You can also incorporate information about these special events in your hold message. If you write your Message On Hold script like an invitation, you'll give your message a personal feeling, and enhance customer reach. Use phrases like, "A special invitation to," or "Please join us for" and direct callers to an appropriate contact if they have any questions or want to "RSVP." 
  2. Record Public Service Announcements. What are some of your facility's specialties? What is the awareness month for these areas? To highlight your prominent departments, record a public service announcement to play on your Message On Hold leading up to and during these months. August, for example, is Immunization Awareness Month. Does your Message On Hold program encourage callers to be vaccinated for potentially life-threatening diseases? In addition to featuring awareness months, you can also record PSAs that focus on seasonal health concerns: Proper snow shoveling techniques in the winter, allergy advice in the spring, tips for staying cool and safe in the summer. Messages On Hold allow you to educate and engage callers. 
  3. Quiz your callers. Asking questions is key for engaging patients, visitors, and callers alike. Asking quiz-style questions is a way to highlight important information in an exciting, interactive way. Used for appropriate departments, it can be an asset to your on hold programming. What kinds of questions should you ask? Start with your facility. You can ask about the year it was built, recent awards you've received, or other facilities you're associated with. You can also ask questions about historical medicine, like "Believe it or Not" facts. Including questions about common health and wellness misconceptions and "old wives tales" is a way to surprise your callers with the interested, unexpected answers and educate them about the correct actions to take in these situations. The key here is that you're not telling callers the information or talking at them, instead you're asking them if they know the information and supplying the correct answers. You're interacting with them.

Presenting your Message On Hold content in a different way allows callers to become more engaged on the phone and, ultimately, with your facility. Changing the way you deliver messages can have a tremendous impact on how Messages On Hold are received. Don't miss out on an opportunity to reach patients effectively.

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