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Why Audio is a Key Tool in Conveying Time-Sensitive Information

How does your business convey time-sensitive information to your customer base? Have you covered all areas of communication? Are you reaching as many people as you need to in an effective manner? There are efficient ways to get your message heard, such as various forms of social media, but more traditional forms of business communication and marketing such as Message On Hold and IVR announcements can be an important component and should not be overlooked.

Social media applications such as Twitter and Facebook have provided businesses with the opportunity to reach "followers" and "fans" in real time, which is ever more critical in our fast-moving world.  In a different way, but arguably more effective way, Message On Hold and IVR announcements communicates time-sensitive information to the customers and would-be customers that are most engaged with your business... they're calling you.

If your business is moving, opening new locations, or closing older facilities, or you're trying to promote a special event, trade, show or seminar, you need to get this information out to your target audience.  To accomplish this, you need to use every viable communications medium at your disposal.  Your marketing strategy needs to be a coordinated effort between traditional and emerging marketing Phone-time-sensitive-informationstrategies.  Your target audience may be splintered by geography, demographics, and accessibility, so you need to mirror your communication channels with theirs, and theirs can be cover a wide range.  Demonstrating your knowledge and ability to harness all available mediums will encourage a positive reputation for your business as a reliable,effective, and informative brand, which understands modern business communication.

A portion of your clients may be embracing social media now, following you on Twitter, checking your company Facebook page, but what of the customers not up to speed yet?  You need to make sure they're part of the equation.  And what of the customers or potential customers who are calling in, induced by social media or other marketing element?  You need that audience as well.  Message On Hold can provide that opportunity.  Why not let them know about that special event you are hosting? Provide a brief summary of the event and suggest to the caller to ask one of your representatives for more information when connected. Make sure your representatives are knowledgeable about the event and can provide details to interested callers.

And just as social media announcements are current, make sure your the time-sensitive information you're communicating on hold message is current. Don't run the risk of promoting an event that already happened.  It is imperative that your on hold message is up to date and routinely monitored.  Be diligent about the information that's on hold, or look for a company that specializes in on hold communication that provides such a monitoring service.

Keep your customers, patients, and/or clients informed. Effective communication, no matter how you accomplish it, is essential for creating timely impact, and optimizing customer satisfaction.

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