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6 Recording Tips for Your eLearning Presentation

When producing an , make sure that the sound, voices, images, and videos all flow correctly, otherwise you run the risk of distracting your audience. The purpose of an eLearning presentation is to teach in the most effective and engaging way possible. You can have the most powerful scripts and videos, but poorly recorded audio. Record your audio while following these 6 recording tips straight from the professionals of the Holdcom Production Department.

1.    If possible, avoid using a PC or laptop mic to record. There are microphones made specifically for these types of learning material.

  • Ideally, you should use a microphone with a directional polar pattern. This mic cancels out sound around the source it's pointed at.

2.     Position your mouth 6 to 12 inches away from the microphone.

  • For the best audio signal speak directly into the mic.
  • Hold your script up next to the microphone to avoid head tilting and moving.

3.     Microphones are sound sensitive, and can pick up even tiny noiseRecording Tipss, like paper shuffling.

  •  Keep script segmented and separated, do not staple.
  •  Avoid wearing jewelry or clothing that will create additional background noise

4.     A windscreen can omit “pops.”

  • Windscreens protect the microphone, and eliminates background sound like wind. These screens are easily attainable, and cost only a few dollars.
  • Words that begin with “P” or “B” can make a popping sound when recording a narration. These pops can cause words to sound mispronounced. 

5.     Normalize audio levels.

  • If you are combining audio from multiple locations, as in alternate computers, or different events and trade shows, you may produce opposing sound levels.
  • Before recording check your audio input levels.

6.     Cut out the Ahh’s and Uhm’s.

  • Remove any noises from the audio file that sound like they could be irritating or distracting to the audience, e.g. "Ahh," "Uhm," heavy breathing, lip smacking

 In order to truly reach your audience through your eLearning presentation, you must consider all aspects that factor into your end product. After all, if your presentation has a bad picture you can still enjoy the audio and absorb information, but without audio, there is not nearly the impact.

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