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How Special Education Teachers Can Enhance Your eLearning Techniques

Research has shown adding audio to multimedia presentations enhances a learner's grasp on the content (image, video, or text) provided. Special Education teachers use audio visual learning techniques to increase attention span, and stimulate auditory and visual senses of learning disabled students. By producing a mixture of sound, dialogue, and music, corresponding with images and videos, the given learners become a more captive audience, absorbing and retaining what is being communicated to them. Just as attention deficit students respond better to audio visual learning techniques, your audience will too. By adding another stimulus, like professional audio to your eLearning materials, your lesson can generate a greater impact on your audience.  What learning techniques work for you?

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Using speech, sounds effects, and music, you are creating depth and bringing presentations to life. By connecting visuals with a sounds, you're extending the depth of comprehension and giving your audience additional connections by which to retain the information. By making presentations more engaging and interactive, you will increase learning motivation and ensure positive results.


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