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5 Ways to Incorporate Professional Audio Into Your eLearning Presentation

Out with the old!  In with the new! Businesses have been making the switch by replacing traditional employee training programs with innovative training techniques that show tremendous success rates… E-Training! This effective teaching and learning method can take many forms, including placing trainees into an interactive program with simulated conversations and situations that employees may find themselves involved in, while on the job.e-training audio

E-Training has been around for awhile, but due to improvements in technology and bandwidth, E-Training creators now have the ability to include voice recordings of “virtual instructors” or “virtual customers” into their E-Training programs.

Here are 5 ways you can use human narrated audio in your E-Training program:

     1.       Simulate a dialogue. You can illustrate a probable customer interaction. This teaches employees how to react to different scenarios. Focus your program on the importance of Point of Sale and the value of employee/customer interactions.

     2.       Mimic a phone conversation between a consumer and representative. Focus on customer satisfaction and problem-solving.  You can modify your E-Training audio script slightly to produce several phone conversations between the same two parties except with different problem-solving strategies based on the consumer’s tone, emotion, and vocabulary.

     3.       Use professional voice talent narration for step-by-step instructional videos. Professional recordings are shown to resonate more with audiences.

     4.       Implement sound effects into your E-Training video or podcast that reference your business’s atmosphere. For example, a bustling restaurant, overhead music, or the sound of machines or traffic.

     5.       Create an educational video showcasing the history, morals, and ethics of your company to show employees. Employees will become more knowledgeable about the business they are working for, and have a better understanding of the company values.

Professional audio allows your E-Training program to stand out and captivate audiences.  Adding professional narrations and sound effects to your projects will increase stickiness and engagement. As E-Training initiatives continue to grow, capitalize on every opportunity to make your training material engaging, effective and educational.


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