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How to Choose the Right Voice Over Talent for Messages On Hold

To have a successful audio marketing program, you have Voice Over Talent - Message On Hold Marketing - Microphone for Recording voiceto have great audio. Message On Hold, a combination of appropriate music and effective content are the necessary audio components. Once you’ve scripted your messages (or had someone script them for you), you have to think about how they’ll sound once implemented in your phone system. Both the music and the voice you choose will impact the effectiveness of the end product.

How do you choose the right voice? Follow these steps:

  1. Take inventory. You have radio commercials, a few TV ads, and IVR announcements. What kinds of voices are you using in these mediums? Ideally, you want to create consistency across mediums as you build an audio brand. Even if you don’t want to use the exact voice talent, you should try to choose someone with the same type of sound.
  2. Know your callers. Do you know who calls you? What kind of music they listen to?  Their frequently asked questions? What accent they use? How long they spend on hold? Have you developed a caller profile so you can manage all of these things at a glance? If you don’t understand your callers, you can’t create marketing programs that will effectively reach them. When choosing a voiceover talent, knowing your callers is important because people prefer to listen to a voice that is more like their own. If your callers have a certain accent, try to find a voice talent that pronounces words the same way they do. This will help eliminate distractions and allow for optimal absorption of your marketing messages.
  3. Know your business. Just as you need to choose a voice that appeals to your callers’ ears, you must also select a voice that appeals to your business’s sensibilities. Adding a voice to marketing materials makes them instantly more human. If your business were a person, who would they be? How would they sound? Select a voice talent that answers those questions.
  4. Create a vision of what your end product should be. As you wrote your Message On Hold copy, you probably had an idea of what you wanted it to sound like when it was recorded by a professional voice talent and mixed with music. By creating an end vision of your program, you’ll be able to choose the right voice talent.
  5. Listen to samples. Lots of samples. If you’re looking for the right voice, take the time to really look for it. Base your decision on sound research. Click here to audition Holdcom’s voice talents.
  6. Pick complementary music. The voice you choose is highlighted by the music that accompanies it. Pick music that works with the theme of your marketing messages. If your voice is upbeat and friendly, choose music that sounds the same. Visit our Music Themes by Industry to see what might be right for you.

A great message voiced incorrectly can totally ruin your marketing efforts. Take the time to choose a voice over talent that will work with your brand, your callers, and your Messages On Hold. By selecting a professional, you’ll know that you’re guaranteed an end product with impact.

Click Here to Listen to Holdcom’s Voice Talent Samples

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