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How Many Voices? IVR Announcements vs. Messages on Hold

How many voice overs should be in on hold marketing - audio marketing - microphones for press conferenceWhen creating programs for audio marketing for telephony, like IVR Announcements and Messages On Hold, clients have to make a choice of voice. Is a male or female right for me? Do I want someone who sounds peppy and fun, or does my business warrant a voice with a calm, soothing tone? When choosing voice over talent, it’s important to keep your callers in mind: who are they and who would they like to listen to? When developing a program, it’s also important to consider how many voices to include.

Here, there are two schools of thought:

  1. Univocal. Your business is all about unity: one name, one logo, one website. Why wouldn’t you use one voice? Businesses that want a unified sound use one particular voice in all of their audio marketing materials. Using one voice helps to brand your audio messages, just like your logo helps to brand your printed materials. Generally, univocal audio marketing starts with an IVR system. One voice helps to create consistent voice prompts that help callers stay focused and successfully reach the appropriate representative. Often, businesses using the univocal approach will carry this voice into their Message On Hold system, website, and any other marketing materials that use audio, creating a unified, branded sound.
  2. Multivocal. The multivocal approach incorporates more than one voice. While the use of multiple voices can be inefficient and distracting for IVR announcements, some find that it actually enhances their on hold marketing. If a business uses multiple voices in their Messages On Hold, callers will notice the change and refocus their attention on the marketing message.

Whether a univocal or multivocal approach is used, it’s important to make sure you are giving consistent messages. Even when voices differ, consistency is created by writing a great script and correctly directing voice talent. Depending on your brand and the nature of your business, you might decide that one voice is the appropriate or that many voices will enhance your messages and marketing.


How many voices do you use in your marketing campaigns?


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