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Website Audio for Hospitality Properties - Hotel information desk Despite great strides in bandwidth and technology, the internet remains a visual space that doesn’t often make use of audio. When audio is used, however, it can help your website achieve major impact. Website audio can make your website stand out from your competition’s site while reinforcing the marketing and customer service strategies you’re already using.

When you’re adding the very first audio files to your website, you might want to start with an audio logo and a greeting message. An audio logo is a sound or phrase that is associated with your brand, like your visual logo. If you play it, along with a warm greeting by a professional voiceover, website visitors—your potential guests—can start associating a friendly sound with your already established personable image.

Within the hospitality industry, brands often strive to be comfortable, convenient, and “just like home.” In properties, this translates to courteous staff and comfortable furnishings. Online, users want to feel just as secure and confident with your website. To achieve this, consider incorporating audio and multimedia into multiple pages on your website. You can use audio to:

  • Welcome guests
  • Enhance video productions
  • Direct users to areas of interest, such as your blog or newsletter
  • Highlight your calendar of events
  • Promote seasonal rates, special events packages, and discounts
  • Improve your virtual tours

In addition to traditional audio, digital avatars are becoming a trend. These avatars make browsing more personal by presenting a human voice and face. The best way to incorporate audio is to give visitors the option of playing it and turning it off. Instead of reading your website, visitors start watching, listening, and interacting.

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