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Thinking Outside the Message on Hold Box

Social Media Accounts. SeasoCreative Message On Hold ideas - stand out from the crowdnal Promotions. Upcoming events. All of these are aspects of great on hold marketing programs and they’re a must-have for keeping your callers informed while they hold. But have your callers ever sounded disappointed when you picked up the phone? Has anyone ever asked you to put them back on hold? Thinking outside of the box can help you take your on hold marketing to the next level. In addition to necessary information like your promotions and website, think about adding in a little bit of entertainment. How can you do this?

  • Play audio from real life. If you have audio that is played over the radio or on TV, you can incorporate it into your MOH. Some of our sports clients play game highlights to callers who are on hold. Instead of callers dreading hold time, highlights give them something to look forward to. You can also play excerpts from podcasts, client testimonials, and more.
  • Drop the sales pitches. If the nature of your business makes you uncomfortable trying to sell products or services on hold, don’t. Instead, supply interesting information. Attorneys often recount interesting cases they’ve heard of and Veterinarians give pet care tips. If you aim to inform, you might see your sales rise without really “selling.”
  • Ask Questions. Instead of presenting static information, use questions to get callers thinking while they’re on hold. It’s more engaging for your audience and allows you to repackage old information in a new way. Turning quiet on hold time into a quizbowl can really get people talking.

More than a time filler for callers, Message On Hold can actually be a creative tool that you use to market your business. Creativity is key when you're thinking outside of the box. so is knowing your callers. If you give them what they want, they'll always come back for more. Generally, the thought is that no one ever likes being on hold, but if you play messages that create interest and engagement, you might pick up the line only to hear, “Oh man! Put me back on hold!”


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