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Small Business Message on Hold: Market, Impress, Inform

On Hold marketing for small businesses - on phone at car repair shopIf you own or run a small business, never underestimate the power of your phone system. Your phone system has the capability to promote your products and services, communicate useful customer information, and improve their overall caller experience... all while they are waiting on hold! Message On Hold is a a multifunctional audio marketing solution that targets your captive audience. Your callers represent your most desirable audience because they are calling you. Why not use on hold time to connect and interact with them when you must put them on hold?


Small businesses often have less resources for staffing.  Smaller staffing can often mean longer hold time. Optimize your hold time by using it as an opportunity to market products and services.  According to a U.S. West Communications study, businesses experience a 20% increase in requests for additional products and services mentioned on hold. How do you decide what you want to market on hold? Here are a few ideas:

     - Announce time sensitive information like upcoming sales or events

     - Introduce new products

     - Let customers know of any business promotions

     - Advertise products that produce a greater profit margin


Promoting products and services is just one of the benefits on implementing Message On Hold.  It can also improve the image of your small business and help build your brand. Professionally produced on hold messages recorded by a professional voice talent whose voice suits your business will enhance the perception of your business. Give your business a unique voice that will appeal to your caller audience. Voice talents are trained to deliver clear, professional messages in varying tones depending on what kind of voice you choose to compliment your brand.



Keeping your customers informed about your business is crucial. If your small business expands, relocates, or partners with another company, there are many ways to communicate that information, but why not add on hold communication to that list?

What is your business all about? What makes it unique? What can your business offer that competitors don't? Providing this information on your hold message will educate callers about your business and provide them with knowledge they probably didn't know before they were put on hold.

Give customers answers to frequently asked questions. Answering FAQ's is a popular on hold practice among businesses, especially small businesses, because callers' questions can be answered while they're on hold freeing up live representatives for more important customer interactions.

Let callers know about new products, sales, and special business events. Inform them about changes in your business, other locations, vacations hours... the list can go on and on.

Message On Hold provides an effective and affordable enhancement to your existing marketing and customer service strategies. You're a small business.  Why wouldn't you implement Message On Hold?!!

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