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The Most Popular Holiday Hold Music [Data]

What kind of music do companies play on hold during the holidays? We divided our musical selections into three genres: generic songs, which are festive and wintery like “Sleigh Ride,” traditional holiday songs, like “Nutcracker Suite,” and religious songs, like “Hark the Herald Angels Sing.”

PopularHolidayOnHoldMusicOf our clients:

    • 38.86% chose generic holiday music.
    • 36.63% chose traditional carols. 
    • 24.5% chose religious music.

Data from holiday programs ordered through our website indicate a preference for generic music and traditional carols, each preferred over 10% more than religious holiday hold music. Why might this be? Perhaps it’s all the holiday marketing advice that suggests avoiding religion, or maybe it’s the messages from major retailers that lack religious sentiment. Regardless of advice and popularity, if you know that your customer base would like hearing religious holiday on hold music, making this choice is fine.

When choosing music, the best advice is to keep your customer in mind. When you add Music On Hold that callers actually like to listen to, your on hold marketing becomes more effective and caller satisfaction will increase. Music is a tool that can help you bring your telephone marketing messages to the next level. Check out our wide range of music samples. During the holiday season, carefully choosing the music that is most appealing to your audience is key.


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Updated on November 9, 2017

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