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5 Best Practices for Refreshing Message On Hold Content

The most interesting and engaging on hold messages are those that have content that is up to date and seasonally relevant. Because 7 out of every 10 callers are placed on hold (according to an AT&T study), it's important to consider what your on hold program says and how often you change the information presented. Every business has news, events, or interesting facts that should be highlighted on hold. What are yours?


Follow these best practices when planning an update for your Message On Hold program:

  1. Use seasonal content that is relevant to your business. Someone calling a bank might not want to hear winter safety tips, but will appreciate it if you play tax time information on the phone.
  2. Promote yourself. Look at your calendar and choose upcoming events and special offers to feature on hold. If you’re sponsoring any community outreach initiatives, be sure to mention them, too.
  3. Don’t limit yourself. If you have an idea you think is creative or outside the box, it will probably work and be a great way to connect with your callers. Consider turning your on hold program into a quizbowl-style game show or have parts of your latest podcasts mixed with the rest of your script.
  4. Know your callers. Stick to information that they want to hear, and make sure you choose appealing music on hold.
  5. Be sure to let callers know how to connect with you. Website? Blog? Social Media Accounts? Focus on one or two outlets every time you update your program. Let callers know what the benefits of each platform are, so they know why they should connect with you.

Above all, make sure your on hold content is aligned with your other marketing strategies. Just as you wouldn’t use your holiday advertising in April, you shouldn’t take a “set it and forget it” approach to your Message On Hold. Use hold time as an opportunity to improve customer service and caller satisfaction while bolstering marketing strategies.

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