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Creating More Effective Online Presentations with Sound

Some people say that there are two kinds of people in the world: those who like to read, and those who like to listen. That’s great—because contemporary technology allows us to create content that is appealing to BOTH groups of people.  Slide Presentations let you do both at the same time. Online services like SlideShare provide excellent platforms for synchronizing prerecorded audio with written slides.

On SlideShare, adding audio is easy. You upload the slides of your presentation (many file types are accepted, but I suggesting using a PDF for maximum compatability) and then upload an mp3 file. An easy interface lets you segment the audio to fit on any slide. Check it out:

How to add audio to slide share presentations

How do you strike the right audio/visual balance?

  • The narration and the text should be related, but they don’t have to be identical. The subtle differences will make the presentation more engaging.
  • Text and audio should stand alone. Some people will read your slides while listening to audio. Others will have their speakers off. Others will multitask, and will listen to your narration while they browse other websites or work on other projects.
  • Spice it up with videos. SlideShare lets you embed a YouTube video into your presentation. When it’s relevant, try including a video. It will make your presentation more dynamic. Multimedia content is more engaging, so adding a video will help your presentation get more exposure.

This is how it all comes together:

A common problem people have with slide narration is finding the right tone of voice. It’s hard to remain casual and conversational while still sounding authoritative. A professional voice over talent can narrate your program in the perfect tone of voice and take whatever direction you’d like to give. Plus, it saves you the time of having to record the entire program yourself.

Writing for the ear and writing for the eye aren’t the same, so it’s important to consider both sides of your content when you’re making slide presentations. Use your presentation text as an outline, then write a script with a more listenable writing style. By giving people the option of hearing and seeing, you’ll have presentations that are more engaging and have a broader reach.

Are you using narration, music, or sound effects to enhance any of your online presentations?

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