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Message On Hold Etiquette Lessons From Your Twitter Followers

Message On Hold Etiquette lessons from your twitter followersFollowing hashtags on twitter has taught me a few things. One of the most interesting is that there are just some things you shouldn’t say in your Message On Hold program. If customers are tweeting about flaws in your on hold programming, you should listen to them. What kinds of things does the twitter community say about businesses both small and large? Take a look for yourself:

  1. Customers don’t want to hear that their call is important to you. They’re waiting on hold. Often, they’re feeling completely unimportant. Check out this tweet:

They also don’t want to hear that you’ll be with them “shortly.” From a customer service standpoint, it’s not useful because “shortly” is an abstract amount of time. It will make people more upset than hopeful:

The fix: Play useful, company-specific Messages On Hold. Drop the generic message and start delivering information like alternative contact methods for customer service, interesting facts or tips, or upcoming events.

  1. Customers take note of the music you choose:

The music in your on hold marketing program isn’t for you, it’s for your customers. By choosing the right music and playing what they like, they'll be happier when they wait on hold. To sweeten holdtime, try offering a special promotion or an interactive feature, when applicable.

  1. Keeping things seasonal matters:
  1. Make sure holdtime is necessary:

If you have a long hold time and customers frequently request tech support appointments, include an option in your hold message to use an automated phone system or online form to schedule an appointment. It will reduce the number of callers on hold and let your representatives focus on cases that can be solved over the phone.

Make sure you're taking the time to listen to your twitter followers and customers in general. If you start hearing complaints about your on hold message, consider updating your MOH content to something that's more appropriate. New music and seasonal messages will show your callers that you care about their opinions and want to deliver great customer service. And please, don't thank your callers for waiting on hold. Deliver useful content instead.


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