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How Sound Increases eLearning Interactivity and Learner Engagement

How to improve eLearning interacivity-eLearning tag cloudThe beauty of is that its computer-based format allows for designers and trainers to include many interactive elements that make presentations experiential. Contemporary web based training programs can include mutlimedia, like pictures, sounds, and videos. By including more multimedia, presentations become more engaging and knowledge retention improves. Two ways to use sound to improve the interactivity and learner engagement of your online learning programs are conversations and games.

Using Conversations in Online Learning

Instead of using a one-way, text-based dialog in your presentation, include a 2-way conversation recorded by professional voice actors. Because learners can hear both sides of the conversation, they'll be able to improve listening and problem solving skills, especially important for training people who will work with customers or in teams. What's important is that your conversation is realistic. The actors have to skillfully and convincingly portray their characters using appropriate tone of voice and reactions. You should include a well-written eLearning script, because your voice over talent will need it to record appropriately. 

eLearning Games

Many eLearning programs are incorporating game-like elements: achievements to reach, levels or badges to earn, even video-game like effects. Have you ever played a computer game with your speakers turned off? It's not very much fun. Today's video games are more realistic than ever before. To achieve success in gamilfying your online training, use sound to increase realism. Even if your graphics aren't totally realistic, using good background noises, narration, and effects in your eLearning game can help you improve it.

eLearning has turned traditional teaching methods on their head. For schools, online learning means having students learn the lessons for homework, and do the worksheets in class with one on one help from teachers. In corporate training environments, eLearning can help replace paper-based learning materials and handbooks with interactive programming, which increases knowledge retention. These web based training activities should push the user to be an active participant in a realistic setting. By including conversations and games with your other educational materials, you'll be able to see eLearning success.


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