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7 Elements of a Real Estate Professional's Voicemail Greeting

As a real estate professional, you're always on the go. Whether showing homes and apartments to a prospective client or staging a home for sale, it's likely that you're out of the office quite often. Anyone in the industry knows that, out of the office is a good place to be. Unfortunately, it makes staying professional just a little bit harder. What happens when you're working with one client and another one calls? Most likely, you send that call to your voicemail box, but what does your voicemail greeting say? What should voicemail messages include? If you're voicemail isn't offering the right information, you might lose a sale.

7 Things Real Estate Agents Need in a Voicemail Greeting

  1. Your name. It seems obvious, but many people forget to include their name in a voicemail message. In thisReal Estate Agent Voicemail.jpg industry, your name is synonymous with your brand, so it's important to reinforce who you are as often as possible. Not only is it reinforcing your brand, but it assures callers they've reached the correct person.
  2. Name of your brokerage. Where do you work? Who are you associated with? In addition to including your name, you should also use your brokerage as part of your personal branding. Your brokerage backs the legitimacy of your business, so it's highly recommended you include it. 
  3. Alternative Contact Information.  This might be a secondary phone number, email address, mailing address, website, or anything else you can think of. Including alternative contact information makes you look approachable and interested. If a prospective client has a question they'll want to be able to ask it immediatly. By including additional forms of contact you'll put the client at ease. They'll be able to email you their question and move on with their day. 
  4. Areas you serve. Without limiting yourself, let callers know what areas you represent clients in. This way, you'll be able to show your expertise in a particular county, region, or state.
  5. Any specialties you have. Do you sell a lot of commercial properties? Maybe you match clients with the vacation home of their dreams? Use your voicemail to showcase a specialty and market yourself.
  6. Social media accounts. If you're building your presence on Facebook, Twitter, or any other social media site, it's a good idea to promote this activity in your message. It shows clients and prospects that you're tech savvy and approachable. Social media is becoming increasingly important for real estate professionals; don't miss an opportunity to connect.
  7. Explain when you expect to return calls. This is crucial. Instead of telling clients that you'll return their call when you have time, tell them when you return calls. If it's within 24 hours, let them know that. If you return calls after 4pm, you can include that too.


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How to Write a Real Estate Professional's Voicemail Greeting

With all these things to include, it's easy to write your greeting the wrong way. To keep it simple, something like this:

Hi, you've reached Sally Smith at Example Realty. We specialize in helping you find commercial properties in Northern New Jersey. I'm unavailable to take your call, but will call you back by this time tomorrow if you leave a message with your name and telephone number. You can also email or tweet @SallyS.

You'll see that this template incorporates each of the 7 elements listed above. As a bonus, it also gives callers another bit of information: What Sally needs to know from them in order to call back. In this case, it's a message with their name and telephone number.

What else would you include in your voicemail message?

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Updated 11/13/2017 

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