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Script Tip: How to Write Overhead Announcements for Your Small Business

Are you utilizing your Overhead Announcements to the best of their ability? If your business has an overhead sound system and you'd like to add overhead music or personalized messages, it’s important to play what’s relevant and interesting to your customers.

women shopping in store with overhead musicMatch your Clientele

For one or two weeks, pay attention to the clientele that walks through your door throughout the day. You may find that patrons of a certain age seem to be on-site during a specific period of the day. Consider if certain products or services would be more geared toward this group. If so, you can create and schedule your overhead announcements to target this group with relevant messages. You can also choose music that this demographic finds enjoyable.

Keep the Seasons in Mind

Do you notice in increase in requests for certain products or services at different times of the year? Then create seasonal overhead announcements to promote what’s hot… perhaps when it’s hot. With the versatility and efficiency of overhead announcements, you can change what you want heard as often as necessary.

Watch the clock

Depending on the time of day, your customers’ needs change. If a lot of moms with napping children visit your store in the morning, consider lowering the volume of your announcements. If teens visit your store at night, louder, faster music might be appropriate. For your overhead announcements, think about what you’d like your clients to buy at certain times of day. If you up-sell coffees in the morning, including an announcement that mentions your coffee selection can help boost sales. If you have late-night specials, be sure to highlight the discounts with your overhead programming.

Ask your employees

They may not be buying your products, but your employees spend more time in your store than just about anyone. If you don’t play music they can (at the very least) tolerate, you’re going to create an environment in which they don’t like to work and probably drive away great sales people. Ask your employees what they like to listen to, and consider it for your overhead system.

Adding great overhead announcements to your store or facility can greatly enhance the experience and help you seize every business opportunity.


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