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7 Audio eGreeting Cards You Can Send Year-Round

Man in orange sweater looking at audio eGreeting Card on laptop computerTraditionally, businesses send out greeting cards or eGreeting cards during the holiday season. While this is a great approach, you shouldn't wait around for the winter holidays to tell let your clients know you're thinking of them! Keeping in touch with your clients throughout the year is a crucial way to build brand awareness and client loyalty. Since customers are key to every business, here are seven ideas for eGreeting cards that you can send out year-round:

  1. Birthdays. Instead of sending the same tired postcard to your clients, try an audio greeting card with a special birthday song and offer. You can send these to your customers or your staff. In addition to honoring a client's special day, including a promocode or coupon in a birthday card can help you generate revenue by bringing in a customer who normally wouldn't have made a purchase.
  2. Anniversaries. Like birthday greeting cards, you can send these to  your clients and staff. Celebrate service anniversaries, frequent-buyer club join dates, marriage anniversaries (great for restaurants or retail!), or any other anniversary important to your business.
  3. Special Promotions. If you're having a big sale, especially one with a seasonally relevant theme, an audio greeting card can help you announce it, build buzz, and drive people to your store.
  4. Thank you for your first order. Follow up is a great way to get people to order again. This creative approach can help you get repeat clients. Whether you're trying a short or long term approach, appropriate follow up can make all the difference.
  5. We're sorry. If you do something that upsets many of your customers, an eGreeting card is a great way to make amends. When Johnson and Johnson did just that, their mistake turned into a social media hit. Be sure to include a personal touch (or even better, a special deal).
  6. Grand (Re)Opening. Whether you're just launching your store, celebrating your anniversary, or have been closed for a little while, an online greeting card can help you get the word out, stay in touch, and bring in business.
  7. Just because. Really, if you want to build a great relationship with your customer's there's no need to wait for a reason to send an audio eGreeting card. Wish them a happy summer solstice or even a happy Tuesday. They'll appreciate the extra thought.

Audio greeting cards are easy to make, easy to send, and greatly appreciated. They're a powerful relationship-building tool. The right event, message, and special offer can surprise and delight customers, letting them see--and hear--how much you care.

When do you send out special messages to your customers?


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