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How to Incorporate Voice into Your Branding Efforts

Audio brand through a yellow megaphone on chalkboardHow does your brand sound? When you're designing graphics, writing website content, or even talking to customers on the phone, you probably have a certain image in mind. All of these things contribute to how your brand "sounds" to yourself and your clients.

But what does your brand literally sound like? When you're writing or talking or designing, what's the voice that's in your head? Is it male? Female? Young? Mature? Accented? When you decide to add voice to to your branding efforts, the voice in your head becomes the voice your customers hear. You can use voice to build your brand by incorporating a professional voice, with the right tone and gender, into all of your customer contact points. They might include:

  • Your website. Adding audio to websites makes them more interesting, engaging, and sticky. You can include talking avatars, branded radio stations, virtual tours, videos and more. This interactive content makes your website more attractive to visitors.
  • Social media. Podcasting, audio tweeting, and viral videos are easy, popular ways to get your brand and your voice into the social mediasphere. This kind of content is frequently shared and reshared, which makes it essential for brand building.
  • Your Phone System. If there's one place you can't get away with using an unprofessional voice, it's your phone system. Here's the problem: when professional audio is used on the phone, it's seamless. Some people will notice how great it sounds, others will just think it sounds how it's supposed to. But when you use an unprofessional voice, your callers will know immediately. And they probably won't like it. And then they'll complain on Twitter. Luckily, the solution is simple: use a professional voice, the same one you use for your website or social media updates, for your Messages On Hold, voice prompts, and voicemail greetings. 
  • Physical Locations. Do you have a physical store or facility that customers can visit? If you do, it's important to create a great atmosphere. That means paying attention to looks, smells, and sounds. The right overhead music coupled with marketing announcements can help boost sales and keep your customers shopping longer.

If you want your customers and fans to understand your brand, try giving them a voice that's professional, authentic, and relatable. 

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