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Script Tip: Take Your Message On Hold Back-to-School

pencil cup with wood pencils for back to school marketing ideasWhether or not you have children, the Back to School season affects you. Perhaps your commute becomes that much longer because school buses are back on the road. Or employees and co-workers have to readjust their work schedule to accommodate school hours and the drop-off/pick-up schedule for their children.

In addition to personal affects, MANY industries and the services offered are affected as well. Hopefully your Message On Hold marketing reflects the seasonal changes. Here are some great Back To School offers you can provide your clientele with:   

  • Salons and spas: Wouldn’t Back To School be a GREAT time to offer specials to stay-at-home moms and dads and nannies?  After a summer of focusing on their needs, taking some time for a little rejuvenation is a service that promotes itself!
  • Primary healthcare offices almost always have school health form requests. Some are calmly filled out during the summer months… most others are received after the first day of school and needed back ASAP. Help get them earlier by reminding callers about them in your on hold message.
  • Food Service Industry: I’m a parent, so I hear first-hand about the grumblings of what a downhill run it is for parents after school – between homework, afterschool activities, and of course, what to eat. In your on hold program, highlight specials and easy pick-up ideas for weekday meals.
  • Financial/Personal Banking: most banks offer programs for kids to help them get started early understanding the benefits of saving and banking, but not many financial institutions are promoting these programs on hold. Back to school season is the perfect time to get the word out.

Back to school is the perfect time to run promotions that are fun, friendly, and nostalgic…whether or not your business deals directly with kids. Use your Message On Hold program to tell your clients and customers about the exciting promotions.

Do you have any big back to school marketing plans?

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