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How to Repurpose Your Existing Message On Hold Content

Recycle your marketing content for messages on holdSo, you've written an eBook, White Paper, or Guide. You've chopped it up into a series of blog posts. You've created a video and webinar about the same content. With one idea, you've gotten a lot of bang for your buck, you savvy marketer you! Repurposing content is a great way to stretch your creativity. Every time you create marketing content, you should be thinking of ways to reuse it. This even applies for your Message On Hold programs. Because on hold content should be timely and provide detailed, useful information about your business, it's perfect material to be reimagined in many different ways. 

5 ways to reuse your marketing content

  1. Share a sound bite on social media. Ask an audio editor to take a piece of your Message On Hold program, upload it to an internet service like SoundCloud, and post it on social sites like Facebook and Twitter. This works especially well for messages about upcoming events, company news, or timely information.
  2. Upgrade your website. Using audio on your website helps your business look tech-savvy and your online content more "sticky". That means people will spend more time on your website, devouring your content. And  that's a good thing. Here are two website audio strategies:
    • Create a branded radio station for your site. By mixing appropriate music with your messages, you'll have a personalized radio station that can help your visitors spend more time on your site. Just be sure to provide options for volume control and stopping the music. 
    • Play sound clips on individual pages. If you have a specific page of your website where you want to make things more interesting, call visitors to action, or provide additional information without adding too much text, a simple audio player can be the right way to go. Choose audio content that matches the text and visuals on that page.
  3. Make a video. Chances are, if you're saying something to callers on hold, it's important. And it might be useful to incorporate this audio into a video project. Since you already have the audio track, you'll just have to marry it with images or footage using video editing software. Most computers come with this software, like iMovie or Windows Movie Maker. You can even try some of YouTube's editing features.
  4. Enhance your virtual tour with audio. If you're a hospitality property, museum, healthcare facility, or any other organization that wants to show off a physical location, try the approach of show and tell. Take elements from your Message On Hold that describe your location and amenities and add them to appropriate parts of your virtual tour for more exciting, interesting content.
  5. Announce them overhead. If you're not using overhead announcements in your store or location, you're potentially missing out on reaching an audience as captive as callers on hold. To reinforce promotions, events, or sales, take those portions of your Message On Hold and turn them into overhead announcements for your store. For bonus points, mix in some overhead music, too.

If you're already creating content for your Message On Hold program, it makes good marketing sense to integrate this content with your other marketing and customer service websites. By taking what you're saying to callers on hold and playing it for website visitors, social media followers, or even those within your facility, you'll be able to easily create marketing content that's simultaneously interesting, engaging, and informative. You'll also help deliver a unified brand message...and voice.


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