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9 Ways to Enhance the Image of Your Small Business

Small Business owner   89793270Being a "small business" doesn't mean you can't dream--or sound--big. Often, a few easy, affordable updates can revamp and improve your image dramatically. Being small is often an asset. Small business owners are more available and approachable than their corporate counterparts, and these businesses are integral parts of their community.  But these localized businesses can also have broader reach and appeal. 


Tips for giving your business a great image:

  1. Use a human voice to communicate your brand. In writing, always use an authentic voice. In recordings, the human voice is more approachable and relatable than its computerized counterpart. Professional voice talent are flexible performers who can tailor their sound to your specific needs.
  2. Give your website a good once over or build a website. Your online image is just as important as you appear in person. Be sure your website is updated with current information, promotions, and social media links. Include engaging, interactive web content to keep visitors interested.
  3. Use a Message On Hold program to inform callers and to promote additional contact methods such as your website, social media accounts, or email. This can help you reduce average hold time while showing the infrastructure of your business.
  4. Improve your in-store experience. Take some time to improve your visual merchandising, add an overhead music system, and be sure that your staff are well-trained and professional.
  5. Use professionally recorded voicemail greetings to show your professionalism. With a properly written script and clear recording, professional voicemail greetings help improve your image, especially when you can't take a call and your voicemail message is your first impression.
  6. Set up an auto attendant greeting to answer your phone on the first ring every time. This greeting is especially useful after hours. Having an upfront phone greeting immediately makes your business seem more professional. 
  7. Engage your email subscribers with newsletters, Audio eGreeting Cards, and special promotions, which are great for celebrating a special occasion, saying thanks, or just because.
  8. Create helpful content in the form of videos, blogs, and podcasts. This content is valuable to your customers and will drive them to your website or store time and time again.
  9. What tips do you have for businesses looking to improve their image?

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