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How To Answer Frequently Asked Questions in Your Message on Hold Program

frequently asked question mark on paper with wooden desk 143778741Frequently asked questions got their name because they're asked, well, frequently. And if they're asked all the time, they need to be answered. But they probably don't need to be answered by a customer service representative directly, instead, they can be answered in a number of places - signage in your stores, pages of your website, and of course your phone system's Message On Hold program.

All of these places are perfect for answering some FAQs, but using your on hold programming is ideal because:

  • Some people don't remember or absorb what they read but will fully comprehend what they hear.
  • People calling your customer support lines are already waiting to hear from you. Frequently asked questions might be the exact information they're looking for. If they hear it on hold, they're likely to leave the queue. 
  • A professional voice over talent can take important, sometimes complex, content and make it extremely listenable. This means that your callers' attention will be reward with clear messaging read in a clear voice.

There are a few approaches for answering your FAQs in your on hold messaging. You might try:

  • Explaining the answer to each question, without stating the question itself. With this approach, your script will just present the answer as fact, like "We offer 46 unique products, designed to make your life simpler and more organized."
  • Phrasing a question as a "Did you know?" statement. This might sound like, "Did you know that ABC Company offers 46 unique products designed to make your life simpler and more organized? Ask a representative for more information when we return to the line."

Furthermore, it is a good idea to instruct callers how to get more information about your business and your FAQs. You can start with adding a paragraph to your message on hold program about your website. Here's a sample Message On Hold script for an idea:

Here at ABC Company, we're committed to developing in-depth resources to help our clients succeed. For more information and free resources, visit us online at If you have any questions, please ask a representative when we return to the line, or visit

When you incorporate resources and Frequently Asked Questions in your Message On Hold program, you're simultaneously educating callers and reducing the load on your support representatives. Your callers will be happy to have their questions answered, before they've even asked. 


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