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How Special Education Teachers Can Enhance Your eLearning Techniques

Research has shown adding audio to multimedia presentations enhances a learner's grasp on the content (image, video, or text) provided. Special Education teachers use audio visual learning techniques to increase attention span, and stimulate auditory and visual senses of learning disabled...

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6 Recording Tips for Your eLearning Presentation

When producing an , make sure that the sound, voices, images, and videos all flow correctly, otherwise you run the risk of distracting your audience. The purpose of an eLearning presentation is to teach in the most effective and engaging way possible. You can have the most powerful scripts and...

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Attention to Detail in eLearning Programs

Incorporating audio in a training project helps to facilitate the learning process with a clear example of how a scenario may play out.  For Call Center training, capturing a conversation between a "caller" and a "representative" can show the best way to handle a call. Trainees can carefully...

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