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Inside Professional Virtual Greeting Messages

October 10, 2018 Jeremy Fishman greetings, website

Last night, my mother told me to check my email, and I knew from the poorly disguised grin that I had another gimmicky “greeting card” waiting for me. The cards tackle the human psyche as if we are creatures of binary emotional existence: vulgar humor or molasses-sweet.

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Podcast: How do eGreeting Cards Increase Customer Engagement?

As video marketing continues to take top priority on marketers agendas, companies and brands are scrambling to find the resources and funds for this highly engaging and sought after digital content.  

An easy way to get started using video content as part of your marketing strategy is to turn...

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Do You Still Need a Professional Cell Phone Voicemail Greeting?

It's 2013. Do we still need to talk about voicemail messages on cell phones? When was the last time you checked your inbox? When was the last time you left a message??

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7 Audio eGreeting Cards You Can Send Year-Round

Traditionally, businesses send out greeting cards or eGreeting cards during the holiday season. While this is a great approach, you shouldn't wait around for the winter holidays to tell let your clients know you're thinking of them! Keeping in touch with your clients throughout the year is a...

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7 Elements of a Real Estate Professional's Voicemail Greeting

As a real estate professional, you're always on the go. Whether showing homes and apartments to a prospective client or staging a home for sale, it's likely that you're out of the office quite often. Anyone in the industry knows that, out of the office is a good place to be. Unfortunately, it...

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