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3 Ways IVR Can Enhance Your Business

The first impression that clients and customers have on a business is a pretty important one. The typical first thing a client does is make a phone call to your business. When choosing to use IVR or an automated voice attendant, it is important to create a pleasant and simple experience for the...

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Using the Right IVR to Sound Like a Big Company

August 06, 2015 Harvey Edelman tips, IVR, scriptwriting

Although automated phone greetings are often the first interactions customers have with your company, many small business owners don't take necessary steps to make sure they are making the correct first impression. Deciding what options to present and composing a concise and understandable...

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Small Doesn't Mean Unprofessional

Small businesses using the right auto attendant/IVR can sound like a bigger company. Small should mean professional. With 21st century technology, it's possible for a small company to present itself just as professionally as a mega-corporation.

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5 Healthcare IVR Best Practices

June 25, 2013 Juli Durante healthcare, tips, IVR

In HealthcareIVR Systems are used to automate a wide variety of tasks: route calls to different departments, announce office or facility hours, allow patients to confirm appointments, and more. In many cases, the functionality of a system is limited by the way the prompts and announcements are...

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IVR Script Examples to Improve Caller Navigation

Your IVR or Auto Attendant system is like the front door of your business - it's the first thing people see and the first impression callers get. Not only is it the first impression, but a crucial part of your customer experience. When coupled with well-written voice prompts, the system helps...

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Voice Prompt Script Tip: Is "Touch" the New "Press" or "Click"?

Language is a fluid, ever changing doctrine. It's constantly updated with new terms and forms of words as technologies and generations evolve. The self-editing and adoption of these terms and phrases happens almost organically as one word is used more frequently and falls into favor within our...

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15 Voice Prompt Blunders To Avoid in Your IVR System

When writing voice prompts for IVR or ACD systems, clear concise communication is key. The thing about a well structured call-processing system with properly recorded voice prompts is that you just don't notice it. What you do notice, however, is a system that is riddled with problems and...

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Turn Your IVR System Into a Customer Service Strategy

December 21, 2011 Juli Durante marketing, tips, IVR

Do you see your IVR (Interactive Voice Response)  as an utilitarian component of your phone system? If you do, you’re right—it is. By helping to answer calls and appropriately route callers, it’s important that it works correctly and efficiently. With an automated system in place, voice prompts

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5 Best Practices for IVR Announcements

If you have an IVR system, the impression it gives your callers is very important. It’s often your first line of customer service and the first area where poor planning can produce frustrated clients. Keep these best practices in mind to ensure your voice prompts are helping the caller...

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Creating IVR Announcements and Messages On Hold that Sound Appealing to Your Callers

We say it time and time again—to create interesting, effective audio marketing, you have to know your audience. For IVR announcements and Messages On Hold to be effective, it’s important to know your callers. If you don’t already, how can you figure them out?

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