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Expanding Business Using Multilingual Marketing

Wouldn't it be awesome if everyone on the planet spoke the same language? Marketing to a global audience requires breaking language barriers.  As an expanding business, it's important that your customer support system and marketing materials are consistent. As an expanding business you can't...

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The All-Encompassing Customer Journey

Breaking the language barriers in business can be powerful if you serve more than a one language demographic. Taking the time to analyze the customer journey and ensure that you are reaching every available client in their respective language results in happier and more satisfied customers and...

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Multilingual Communication: Breaking Language Barriers Opens Wallets

The modern business world is global in scope. With the advent of online marketing and rapid international shipping, any business stands to gain new markets, provided the potential customer can understand what that business offers. Using multilingual communication in your business is essential...

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3 Reasons to Add Multilingual Options to Your Phone System

September 30, 2015 Harvey Edelman multilingual

We have all at one point called a business and heard the option to choose foreign languages. A native English speaker may not realize how vital this service is to someone who is not a native English speaker. There are many benefits and reasons as to why your phone system needs to have ...

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Mainstream Media Goes Multilingual

I have a confession: I'm addicted to SongPop. It's one of those "social games" that uses Facebook and mobile devises to connected individual from across the globe in a "name that song" competition. It's all the rage and very fun. One interesting SongPop fact? The users come from all over the...

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Google Translate, you're (still) not fooling anyone

November 08, 2012 Juli Durante resources, multilingual

I'll admit it: when I was taking French in college, I occasionally used the seemingly infinite Google Translate database to look up a word here or there, instead of thumbing through my dictionary. My success was great. There was actually a point in time when I could read French. But, of course,...

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The Impact of Multilingual Telephone Systems for Hospitality

As destinations, hospitality properties aim to attract visitors from all over the world. Being able to reach out to these potential guests is crucial to building a connection between them, your venue, and your brand.

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Multilingual Communication Aids Customer Service

Visual communication is nearly a cultural universal. If you’ve ever bought furniture from IKEA, you’ll know the little white instruction book that comes with your unassembled furniture doesn’t have any words to be read, just pictures and diagrams to help you put everything together. And if...

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Multilingual Communication

HOLDCOM recently completed an interesting project for a major bio-pharmaceutical company that required multi-lingual audio production for a video presentation.  With offices and markets in numerous countries, our client needed to globalize their existing corporate video, which featured employee...

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