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6 Script Tips for Your Hold-Time

Audio marketing scripts  are used by many companies in today's business world. Hold times that are often filled with "dead air" or music can be used more effectively to convey messages to your customers. Here are five script tips for how to use Message On Hold, instead of playing boring... Read More

Using the Right IVR to Sound Like a Big Company

August 06, 2015 Harvey Edelman tips, IVR, scriptwriting

Although automated phone greetings are often the first interactions customers have with your company, many small business owners don't take necessary steps to make sure they are making the correct first impression. Deciding what options to present and composing a concise and understandable...

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Best Practices For IVR, Voice Prompts, and Auto Attendant


As a business owner, you are likely interested in providing superior quality at every customer touch point for your business. One of the first things a customer may encounter is your telephony technology, be it IVR, voice prompts, or an Auto Attendant. What can you do to ensure that your...

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3 Marketing Audio Script Questions to Ask Yourself

December 02, 2013 Ron Cordero marketing, tips, scriptwriting

Writing a marketing audio script can get frustrating without an outline and an understanding of what an effective audio script should be. I know, I know, you’ll just Google it, right? It is important to remember that you are writing something that is meant to be heard.

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Two Questions to Ask Yourself When Writing Telephone Audio Scripts

When you're writing an audio script for your phone system, as opposed to a piece written for print (online or off), the right script makes all the difference. There are two questions you should consider before beginning a new project:

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How To Answer Frequently Asked Questions in Your Message on Hold Program

Frequently asked questions got their name because they're asked, well, frequently. And if they're asked all the time, they need to be answered. But they probably don't need to be answered by a customer service representative directly, instead, they can be answered in a number of places -...

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The Difference Between Speech and Writing

Do you write the way you speak? Do you speak the way you write? Probably not. Although talking and writing are forms of communication, they're often very different. Writing is, in general, a more formal pursuit than speaking. When writing, we tend to take our time, add punctuation, re-read...

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How Punctuation Affects the Way Your Message on Hold Program Sounds

When you write for print, you can take a lot of risks with grammar and punctuation. When you write a script to be read out loud, the rules for "proper" punctuation change. Your Message On Hold program, for example, is written to be read out loud by a professional voiceover talent in...

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Telling Voice Over Talent How to Pronounce Words

As you develop your Message On Hold, IVR announcements, and other audio marketing programs to be read by professional voice over talents, you will need to think about pronunciation. First, you will need to consider how your audience pronounces words. Most words have one or two acceptable...

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Emphasizing the Right Words for Professional Audio Recordings

Recently, we asked some of our voice talent some of their favorite tips for creating great recordings. Our voice talent Joan responded with a tip about correctly emphasizing words and how to know which words to emphasize when writing or recording audio marketing scripts. It all comes down to ...

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