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Social Media - On Hold, Please!

You wake up with a headache, you burn your toast, and your car is covered in snow. On days like these, how do you keep your spirits up? How do you maintain the passion for your craft throughout the work day?

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Unified Communications: Is the Human Voice Dying?

Unified Communications, often called UC, has been around for decades and synonymous with Moore's law that loosely states the growth of technology doubles every year while the cost remains constant, VoIP and UC are both keeping pace with this important revelation. 

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Grow Post Engagement by 221% - A Social Media Case Study

Instead of looking at a brochure most prospects prefer to look up hotels and businesses on the internet. Your internet presence could be Facebook, Yelp, or LinkedIn. As a business it can be complicated, encouraging previous customers to share their experience on the internet. To make customers...

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How Hospitals Can Use Social Media to Improve Care

March 11, 2015 Harvey Edelman social media

Social media has changed the face of the world forever and your hospital needs to jump on the bandwagon by utilizing it for health care.

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Four Magnificent Reasons Hospitals Should Use Social Media

February 03, 2015 Harvey Edelman social media

We all know about many different kinds of businesses using social media from stores to social justice organizations but hospitals have also jumped on the bandwagon. There are many reasons for hospitals using social media, but here are four great reasons why.

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