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Promote Your Company Using Web Video Production

December 18, 2014 Harvey Edelman video

Do you want your business to reach a wider audience? Have you hit a plateau in growth and need to amp up your website to gain more traffic and clients? If you're not using video you might be missing out. 

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Use Video Content to Promote Your Business

October 21, 2014 Harvey Edelman video

A famous quote states, "There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you." This is true of people in general and entrepreneurs specifically as well as the businesses they run. For our purposes,though,  we might want to add that the story being told should be done so in as...

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Video: 4 Ways You Can Gain Momentum with Inbound Marketing

September 19, 2014 Sioban Schmeding marketing, video, tips

Content marketing is gaining momentum everyday. The challenge with content marketing is creating content that is interesting and relevant. Well here are some tips to not only increase traffic to your website but to increase leads. Leads can easily be converted into buyers if you are targeting...

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3 Ways To Use Video To Boost Staff Engagement

June 23, 2014 Brandon Reece marketing, video, tips

Since YouTube celebrities took the Internet by storm, small businesses and corporations alike have adopted video production to connect with their audience in creative and imaginative ways. From Twitter contests to Heineken’s cavalier “drop everything and travel” departure roulette, from...

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4 Killer Examples of Website Audio Done Right

October 01, 2013 Juli Durante video, tips, website

Website audio has gotten a bad rap. Many people think sound has no place on the internet, that web browsing should be a silent experience.

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3 Kinds of Online Videos That Will Help Your Marketing

When you're creating marketing videos to share online, there are several types of content that you should consider. Different types of videos should be used for different purposes and target markets. Here are three types of video content and how to use them to most effectively market your...

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The Instagram vs Vine Video-Off: Who Will Win?

What’s the lastest social media news? Instagram Video. Facebook announced the new service yesterday, and now, Vine has a strong competitor to worry about. While Vine has 13 million users, Instagram boasts 130 million users. Since Instagram Videos and photos can both be shot in the same app, many...

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Lessons from 4 Big Brands for Your Online Marketing Videos

One of the fastest-growing online marketing strategies brands are employing is creating highly-sharable videos. These videos not only highlight products or services, they also entertain, inform, and capture their audiences. Here are four companies - Facebook, Red Bull, Microsoft and Starbucks –...

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Why Should I Color Correct My Online Marketing Videos?

April 30, 2013 Alan Del Tufo video, virtual tour

Have you ever wondered why movies and TV shows look so different from videos you shoot yourself? Back in the day the reason would be that they were shot on 2 totally different formats. While your personal videos were shot on VHS video tapes, movies and your favorite TV programs were shot on...

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