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Talk to Me, Not at Me — Communication Tips from Professional Voice Talent

Today we are featuring a guest post from JoJo Jensen, an independent voice talent, audio entrepreneur, and writer. We're pleased to share her thoughts about successfully delivering and recording

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How to Direct Voice Talent for Successful Recordings

July 19, 2011 Juli Durante tips, voice talent

Voice overs are being used for an increasing number of products today, from traditional Message On Hold marketing to unexpected smart phone app narration. Finding the appropriate voice talent is only half of the battle: to have a perfect, professionally recorded voice over, you have to give...

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Behold, The Power of Real Human Audio

While waiting on hold, most listeners can tell almost instantly if the message on hold program contains human narration or synthetic speech. Granted, artificial speech technology has come a long way in replicating the human voice, but very noticeable differences still exist. Although synthetic...

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Internal Segmentation

February 01, 2011 Jeremy Fishman voice talent

SEO-conscious businesses are very familiar with market segmentation. But what about “in-house” segmentation? In other words, have you segmented the individual components of your business, and assigned an appropriate workforce?

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Monitoring Speech Recognition Software for Call Center

December 14, 2010 Jeremy Fishman voice talent

Many call centers implement voice recognition alongside their voice prompts for various reasons, including reduced costs and encouraging customer engagement. While speech recognition technology has greatly improved over the past two decades, it does require pre-launch testing and on going fine...

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Steering Voice in the Right Direction

Holdcom’s clients have the ability to customize every aspect of their program, from music to voice to content. But one key aspect that can make or break a recording is a vocal direction.

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Infomercials: The Secret to Audio Marketing

Many companies suffer from what I like to call “the infomercial syndrome,” where they sacrifice quality, professionalism, and clarity for saving costs.

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Voice Recognition and Telephony

In our October Newsletter, Holdcom featured a clip from the critically acclaimed sketch show Burnistoun about two Scottish gentlemen struggling with an elevator voice-recognition system. The sketch played off of the myth that voice recognition systems (or the average English speaker) cannot...

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Give Your Company the Professional Voice it Deserves

As more and more organizations incorporate Youtube and other rich media into their marketing strategies, there appears to be a shift in website presentation; videos have begun to replace the “About Us” blocks of text.

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